Structural Concepts

Date Released

Summer 2019


UX Design

Web Design


Stephan Hokanson


Paul Ferrier

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Structural Concepts

Structural Concepts

Structural Concepts is a food display case manufacturer based in West Michigan, catering to the food service and supermarket industries. They came to Mindscape for a new website design, marketing insights, and a plan to garner more sales leads and closures.

The Problem

Structural Concepts's target markets are supermarkets and food service facilities like restaurants, schools, and medical facilities. Previously, their website was split into two websites: one for each industry. This setup, however, hindered the user experience. There was also a lack of focus on what makes Structural Concepts so appealing: their focus on innovation. How do we communicate the benefits of SC to both dealers and supermarket owners? 


Research was conducted before diving fully into the problems. Paul, our strategist, performed a site audit, as well as interviewed Structural Concepts in order to gain insight into their end users. There were multiple personas identified, including a food service buyer, a supermarket buyer, foodservice equipment dealer, consultant, and product owner. As there was some overlap between a few of them, I narrowed down the personas below to two: a buyer, and a dealer.

User Interviews

Qualitative Findings
  • Give It An Update: Outdated photography is negatively impacting user experience and brand
  • Make It Simple: Multiple sites and overlapping product info make the site complex and difficult to maintain
  • I Want To Connect: Because of lack of CTAs, the Contact page seems to be the only page that fosters potential relationships

Quantitative Findings
  • People Are Visiting: With an average of ~3,500 unique visits per month over the last year, the site receives plenty of traffic
  • Sessions Are Flat: While the company is growing, sessions and users to the site showed no growth to the site when comparing 2018 to 2017
  • SEO Is Important: While SC has few competitors in regards to SEO awareness, 60% of annual traffic was driven by organic search

The Solution

After taking the users and research into consideration, the following solutions were brainstormed: Turn two sites into one, giving the user a clear, consistent experience. Apply this same concept to the resource/tech libraries so that the experience is the same between both industry categories' content. Create an 'ideas' page so that dealers and buyers will have inspiration not only for their organization's display cases, but also to better pitch these products to their clients. And lastly, create a faceted search that will make finding a model to fit the user's needs simpler and easier.

User Testing



The inspiration for the design of the site was sites that were clean, full of white space, and upscale. A large part of the look is the imagery, so photos showcasing the product and its uses (including lifestyle photo to show people interacting with the product) was the main focus.

The site starts off with the homepage, which includes links to the other pages. The main users, those in the supermarket and foodservice industries, can easily find what they're looking for with the two large category tiles. From there, the industry gets broken down further into sub-categories which then leads to a product listing page.

To easily find the specific product the user is looking for, the listing page uses a faceted search to quickly narrow down the long list of products. The product detail page has certain information based on the industry the product is listed in, and includes links to related products and accessories to give users more purchase options to satisfy their particular needs.

Other internal pages include the resource library and ideas page. In the resource library, users can easily search for product model documentation. On the ideas page, users can get inspired with beautiful images on where to set up displays in the store and how to display food in it which will help them sell the product to their clients.