Detroit Battery Company

Date Released

Summer 2019


UX Design

Web Design


Cynthia Walther


Paul Ferrier


Rachel Cohen

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Detroit Battery Company

Detroit Battery Company

Detroit Battery Company is an AC Delco battery distributor with branches in both east and west Michigan. They came to Mindscape for strategy, photography, and a website redesign.

The Problem

Detroit Battery Co. is a respected battery distributor but falls short when it comes to getting the word out about their services. How can Detroit Battery let their customers know about all the advantages they can give them over their competitors?


Before starting, we sat down and conducted an interview with the management at Detroit Battery Company. We learned their strengths, their weaknesses, and who their audience was: parts dealers, service shop owners, and business owners.

User Interviews

Qualitative Findings
  • Customize It: A GoDaddy-esque template isn't doing this site any favors
  • Create Some Content: A sparse, one-page site makes it difficult for potential customers to become interested
  • You Do What?: Copy that wasn't looked over made it appear that DBC provided a service/product that it in fact doesn't

The Solution

In order to drive users to the site and convert them to leads the following was decided: Create a multi-page site, where each page highlights the benefits of using Detroit Battery Co as a distributor, and use CTAs and forms on each page to get the user to inquire about products and services.

User Testing



The design of this site focuses on DBC's main colors of red and blue in order to relate back to their main product, AC Delco batteries. Custom photography and icons were used to give the site more credibility and more friendliness.

The homepage provides the user with multiple user paths, depending on what their goal is. New users can learn more about Detroit Battery through the "who we serve" and "batteries" pages, as well as a contact form to get in touch. Returning users, or those who've already made up their minds, can click on the Call to Action to order what batteries they'd like.

A style guide was also created for future development/changes to the website.

The main navigation pages provide users with information about the company, giving them the company's history, the benefits of working with Detroit Battery, and who Detroit Battery is for. Each page has Calls to Action to lead the user into ordering batteries, or join the dealer network.

One landing page the Call to Actions lead to is the page that provides instructions on how to order batteries from the AC Delco (Detroit Battery Co's main product) catalog. From the landing page, they're directed to an iframe where they can find the battery they're looking for, copy the serial number, and paste it into the form on the landing page. Once the form is completed, the users are then led to a thank you page.