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I'm Andrea,
‍Digital Designer.

Shiba inu lover, amateur photographer, and that friend that knows all the best places to eat. I want to use UX design for good.

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My Process

1. Define & Discover

The process starts and ends with the user: What problem am I trying to solve, and who am I trying to solve it for? For this step, I research and learn as much as I can before I dive in.

2. Plan & Prototype

Once the end users and problem are identified, I brainstorm creative solutions, plan it out, and prototype it with wireframes or lo-fi designs.

3. Test & Execute

Once the general planning is finished, I test out the solution on its intended users and make revisions based on feedback. After these revisions are made, I smooth out the rough parts and spiff up the overall look of the design. It then gets passed on to developers to be executed.

4. Rinse & Repeat

The design process is never truly complete or even linear for that matter; experiences can always be improved, making evaluation after the execution of a production crucial.

Want To Collaborate?
Grab A Bite To Eat?

Pick my brain. Tell me about yourself. Grab some food (the best way to get to know someone is over a tasty meal.) Don't be shy, drop me a message!

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